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Training packages

PragmatIQ trainings are gamified e-learning packages using a cloud service. The training is available for one month during which the trainee can do exercises at their own pace.

Learning doesn't require absence from work. You can achieve it without disrupting the work flow whenever it suits the you best.

Our training packages can also include a personal trainer service. An important part of learning and benefiting from the learned is the sparring offered by an experienced pro and colleague.


Leanscape is a gamified interactive eLearning package for your organization to grasp the essence of agile and lean practices.

Management Work

Become a successful leader

Project Management

A training package and personal trainer of pm work

Introduction to Agile

Improve your productivity with agile methods

Customer Encounters

A fast start to improvement and growth of customer commitment

An Entrepreneurial Expert

All you need to know about entrepreneurship. A must for any fledgling entrepreneur

Custom-made Trainings

We make trainings from Your materials also.

Why PragmatIQ?

The benefits of our methods

  • Learning made fun

    Gamification engrosses

    Gamification makes self-learning interesting. You can follow your progress and are rewarded for good performances.

  • Whenever and Wherever

    When it suits you best

    Training doesn't require absence from work. Train in convenient doses whenever it suits you best.

  • It's easy

    You can start training now

    You can order training packages from our site or from well-equipped online stores.

  • Ongoing learning

    Continuous improvement becomes a part of your DNA

    PragmatIQ trainings make the learned a part of your concrete actions already during the learning process. This helps the benefits of learning create value fast and make learning motivating.

  • Effectivity

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